For the second installment of my three-part holiday gift guide, I’m highlighting 5 toys perfect for sensory-seeking kids like JB. We love these items both for play and for therapy.

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Blipblox synthesizer
JB and my husband have so much fun making and recording music together on this synthesizer. It has child-friendly switches, knobs and levers, and also connects to other instruments and A/V equipment like electric keyboards or speakers. My favorite part is that it has adaptive lights and sounds to accommodate sensory needs.

Jumping Jack game
I never thought we’d be able to play board games as a family with JB. There are usually so many little pieces he could choke on. Then the Easter Bunny brought him this game by Goliath. The premise is simple: Take turns removing carrots and hope the spring-loaded plastic bunny doesn’t hop up! The carrots are easy for JB to grasp, the rules are simple, and all three generations of our family now get together at holidays to play!

Bucket of Chewies
For many children with sensory-seeking behavior, chewies offer an outlet for channeling excess nervous energy and oral stimulation needs. They are far safer alternatives to nail biting, gum chewing, etc. High-quality chewies can be expensive though, and it is difficult to know what kind your child will prefer. That’s where this bin of 15 different chewies comes in. It’s a great value. And bonus – the plastic storage bucket is included!

SoftZone Climb and Crawl foam shapes 
When JB was an infant, another mom recommended these giant foam blocks to me, saying they will last forever. She was right! These were a lifesaver when JB was still working toward head, neck and trunk control. We used them daily during the pandemic for in-home PT. My nephew is now using them as he begins crawling and exploring! They are so well made – I cannot recommend them enough. 

Fisher Price Sensory Bright Light Station and Spinny Scopes
A general rule of thumb for toys is that if there are lights, colors and music, JB will like it. This light table offers all of those – in a fully customizable package to address sensory needs (or parent preferences)! The table comes with a “Spinny Scope” – a tactile fidget spinner that can also be used on its own. JB loves the Spinny Scope so much he has a set of just those – they are perfectly portable to bring on car rides or for quiet independent play at home. 

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