there's a purple plastic mailing envelope with the word Zulily written in white script. in the top left corner, lying on top of the package, are two pairs of folded pants
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“Thanks, it’s from Zulily!”

OK, so I definitely said this at least 20 times this past weekend at my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bridal shower. My purse, my jean jacket, my shoes, even the Scout bag I wrapped my gift in were all from Zulily. So what the heck is this site?

Last year, I started partnering with Zulily as an affiliate. Simply put, when you buy items through the link on my website and social media, I receive a commission at no cost to you. It’s a way to support my small business as I continue to grow Joyful, Brave & Awesome!

The best part is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on leggings or Tupperware to support me. (But guess what? You can often find both leggings and Tupperware on Zulily if you feel like you are missing out!)

Anyway, here are some answers to some of the most common Zulily questions, along with my number one tip for shopping on the site:

What is Zulily? How does it work?

Usually, so-called “flash sale” sites fill their warehouse with discounted products from brands, and then sell the product. Zulily keeps prices low – we’re talking sometimes even 70% off – by ordering product from brands AFTER a sale ends. Then, all your orders are consolidated at Zulily warehouses and shipped out. In short: longer shipping = lower prices!

Do I need to pay for a membership?

Nope! Membership is free – you just need to sign up for an account. Once you do, you can start browsing for savings right away. And if you’re worried about too many emails, you can choose exactly how many emails you receive from Zulily, whether its daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all!

What’s an event?

Zulily calls its sales “events”. Usually these last 72 hours. Zulily launches over 120 events EVERY DAY! Sounds overwhelming, but honestly the way the site is set up, it makes total sense. And you have me sharing some of my favorite #ZulilyFinds that I think resonate best with my readers. If there’s a certain type of product you are interested in, feel free to reach out to me!

Wait, shipping isn’t “free two-day”?

No, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to score free shipping. When you order on Zulily, you qualify for free shipping on any subsequent orders the rest of that day. Friday and Saturday orders score free shipping through Sunday! So if you buy something Friday morning, for example, you can keep ordering items up through Sunday evening for no extra shipping charge. Also, some items qualify for free shipping automatically.

My best advice is to plan ahead: Use Zulily for items you do not need immediately, but rather items you know you’ll need sometime in the next few months. Our family’s birthdays all fall around the holidays. I start Christmas shopping using Zulily in the summer, so by the time Thanksgiving arrives I’m all done with shopping and the gifts are all safely stored in my house. Same goes for those “just in case” gifts to stock up on for last-minute parties, etc. Also, when I see a great deal on clothing or shoes a size or two larger than what JB is currently wearing, I’ll stock up. That way I know I’m ready should we have a sudden growth spurt! (The photo accompanying this post is of just this. They were having a major end-of-season sale on boys sweatpants, so I bought several pairs of the next size so we are ready for the fall.)

What are you looking to save on in the next few months? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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