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I am excited to announce the first selection for Joyful, Book & Awesome, a free, no-pressure virtual club for followers of my blog to discuss books that take a real look at disability, inclusion, parenting, pop culture and more. (I know that’s super broad right now, but I think we will find a more specific focus as we go along over the next few books.) The first book is The Pretty One by Keah Brown. You may remember I’ve talked about this collection of essays in past blog and Facebook posts.

Why this book? Several reasons…

First of all, it’s not my place to speak to others’ experiences. Brown writes about her life as a black, queer, disabled, millennial woman. She examines these identities and more through the lens of intersectionality – recognizing the interconnectedness of inequality. Frankly, right now we all need to reexamine both our own biases and those of society. This book offers a starting point if you aren’t sure where to begin.

Secondly, this book is SO GOOD! Last year, I brought it with me to read during one of JB’s medical procedures. My dad was sitting next to me in the waiting room that afternoon as I was reading, and commented that I sure was doing a lot of note taking, highlighting and underlining for someone doing pleasure reading. I just wanted to be sure I was taking in every single important point!

The third reason is actually a combination of several reasons – all strictly practical. The Pretty One is short – under 250 pages. It’s a paperback, so it’s affordable. It’s also fairly easy to get a hold of at the library, as it’s been out a year now. If despite the length, price and availability you still don’t think you can get and read the book but still want to join the book club, I’ve got you! Keah Brown’s essays have been featured in numerous publications in print and online – so just pick one or two to read if you have a few minutes. You can’t go wrong – all of her work is fabulous.

Here’s the link to buy your copy of The Pretty One. And let me know if you have recommendations for a future Joyful, Book & Awesome pick!

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