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Whew, got this one in just under the buzzer! Thank god for Leap Day!

This month’s dose of awesome includes a TV show and an Instagram account. The only thing they have in common is they brought me a LOT of joy in an otherwise dreary, anxiety-ridden month. So here’s this month’s short and sweet recap:

  • Schitt’s Creek: My friends have been telling me to watch this amazingly hilarious Canadian show for years now. ¬†Finally, after yet another sick day on the couch with my cold meds and Netflix, I decided to watch an episode. A month later, and I’ve caught up with all five and a half seasons. Yeah, I guess it’s pretty good! I cannot get enough of this show. It has so many of my favorite things in comedy: Sarcasm, absurdity, long-running gags, snarky but lovable characters, one of the cutest fictional couples ever, and pop cultural references from the late ’90s. For me, the best part of watching this show has been the ongoing Schitt’s Creek group text three of my college friends and I have started. It’s a great way to stay in touch and keep creating new inside jokes and memories like we did back in college with shows like The Office and Arrested Development. We understand that we all have busy lives, so whenever one of us has a break either after work, or during late nights up with young children, or on a commute, we can send a funny show quote or gif, or just comment on a favorite episode. It’s simply the best.
  • DailyShowDogs on Instagram: I’ve discussed my love for Trevor Noah in a previous post. He’s just so darn adorable! You know what is even more adorable, though? Trevor¬† and his Daily Show team playing with dogs in their office, and capturing these moments in an Instagram account. That’s right: there’s now an entire Instagram account highlighting the puppies of The Daily Show, with appearances by Trevor. God bless the Internet.

What brightened up your February? Let me know in the comments!

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