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Whew – well that was one busy summer for our family!

We went on vacations to Cape Cod and New Hampshire. JB had his full therapy schedule, along with several specialist visits. Oh, and we moved to our new house!

I’ll reflect more on the above in future posts, but in the meantime, here’s a look back at things I loved this summer:

  • Intriguing podcasts: Podcasts were my saving grace this summer. They made otherwise lackluster activities – for instance, long car rides or lining kitchen cabinets – so much more enjoyable. Some of my recent favorites were The Dropout, Last Seen, and Business Wars: Hearst v. Pulitzer. The most mind-blowing one my husband and I listened to, however, was The Shrink Next Door, a true story about a psychiatrist’s decades-long hold on his patient. I was so engrossed in one episode that I kept painting well outside the lines of the wall I was supposed to be working on in our new kitchen. Oops! We will get around to repainting that wall, but for now it’s a great conversation starter.
  • Emily King: As I mentioned earlier this year, early 2019 was the season of Maggie Rogers. Well, Summer 2019 was the season of Emily King. I first came across King’s music after listening to an interview with her on one of my favorite weekly podcasts, It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders. There was something so ethereal yet familiar about her voice. Within 24 hours of listening to the interview, both my husband and I, without talking to one another about it, bought her latest album, Scenery. (It turns out Emily King’s been popular for over a decade now, but in true “Megan-the-trendsetter” fashion, I just learned about her now.)
  • Summer reading: I’d been planning my summer reading for months. While a few of the books I was looking forward to turned out to be underwhelming, there were many more pleasant surprises. The standouts (in no particular order) were:
  • Pose on FX/Netflix: I’m not going to rehash the premise of this intense show, as many TV critics have already done this very well. What I will say is that I love when a work of fiction inspires me to go out and learn more about the real stories behind it. I encourage you to listen to or read some of the interviews with Pose cast and crew, and learn how much of this show is built on real LGBTQ+ experiences. Oh, and on a completely superficial note – this program has possibly the best soundtrack and costumes on television.

What filled your summer with joy this year? And what are you looking forward to this fall? Share in the comments!

(Please note: There are Amazon affiliate links in the above post. If you purchase from an affiliate link, I may be compensated.)

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