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No, this isn’t some really lame (and super late) April Fool’s joke – there is no March edition of Monthly Dose of Awesome. I’ve decided since I usually don’t post until a few days into the new month anyway, it makes more sense if I name these according to the current month to be somewhat less confusing. So that’s what I’ll be doing moving forward. I’ll get the hang of this eventually, I hope.

So here’s a look at what brought me joy in March, as well as some of what I’m looking forward to in April. As always, feel free to share what’s making you feel a bit more like you right now – I love a good recommendation!

What made my March awesome

  • Rewatching Glee: In February, I binged American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. It was incredibly well done, but also obviously graphic and intense. After finishing the miniseries, I needed to remind myself of Darren Criss the adorable triple-threat performer (as opposed to his eerie role as Versace’s killer, Andrew Cunanan). The solution? I’ve been watching favorite past episodes and musical numbers from Criss’s time as Blaine on Glee. I feel much better now. Here are three of my favorite Blaine performances, all featuring  the Dalton Academy Warblers, his fictional prep school’s a capella group: Teenage Dream, Candles/Raise Your Glass, and Somewhere Only We Know. (As with all Glee clips, please remember to suspend disbelief before watching. Random backup singers and bands/orchestras will appear throughout these performances. Just go with it.)
  • Home design books, magazines and TV programs: Our family is in the early stages of looking for a new home. As a result, I’m allowing my imagination to run wild and my creative juices to flow as I absorb as much interior design inspiration as humanly possible. Seriously, I cannot get enough of Pinterest ideas, HGTV shows, or CB2 catalogs. Will my home end up looking like any of those sources? Of course not! But I can daydream, and yell at those whiny House Hunters with a sense of righteous indignation, in the meantime. 

What I’m looking forward to in April

  • An online hand-lettering course from Brit+Co.: As I’ve mentioned before, coloring is one of my favorite ways to de-stress after an exhausting day. I’ve wanted to expand my arts-and-crafts repertoire (preferably without scorching myself with a glue gun), so I figured I’d give hand lettering a try. I recently treated myself to one of Brit+Co.’s online video courses. I’m going to be discussing this in more detail once I’ve actually completed the course, so stay tuned!
  • More feeding adventures with JB: JB has been making excellent strides in his feeding therapy lately, expanding beyond fruit and veggie purees to new foods like yogurt and “puffs”. He’s also getting better at drinking water, which is one of the hardest skills for many kids with feeding issues. I’m going to be sharing more about what feeding therapy entails and a few of our favorite tools in an upcoming post. Feel free to comment (below or on Facebook) with any of your feeding-related questions!

(As with all Monthly Dose of Awesome posts: These opinions are all entirely my own, and I have not been compensated to review any of these products. That being said, there are affiliate links in the above post. If you purchase from an affiliate, I may be compensated. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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